Pokémon Sunday Videos

Pokémon Sunday aired in Japan last night and because it was revealing the new starters for black and white, it was an episode we paid attention to. Like with Zoroark last month, Pokémon Sunday didn’t reveal any new information that the leaked CoroCoro Magazine scan’s has already mentioned… However, the two video’s they showed of battle footage revealed a whole lot more.

It’s tough to explain exactly how different it is, the camera now moves around the battle field, zooming in and out, and the sprites are all animated – not just at the begining of the matches like previous games, but throughout

Since it needs to be seen to be believed – here’s a video showing Raikou verses Entei

As you can see, that also Showed Zoroark’s Illusion abillity in action. While it looks like your fighting Entai in both apearance and name, the Aura Sphere attack is supper effective, showing Zoroark is still a dark type underneath the illusion. Exactly how Zoroark picks which Pokémon to change into is unknown.

The second set of footage shown on Pokémon Sunday was their reveal of the Starters, the Heroes and Hiun City. Again, the battle footage shows the new changes to how they now look. Also shown is some Overworld footage, with the male trainer walking down a street. Notice three things about this piece of footage. One, there’s a LOT more people walking about, reflecting the populated look the city now looks like it has. Two, if one of the city residents walks into you, they will now move around you, rather than be fixed on a set path causing you to walk around them. The last thing it the text box that keeps poping up on screen. This is the NPC’s talking to you without you initiating contact by pressing A, could this apply to other people as well. Will shop keepers greet you when you enter the store, will interesting people you need to talk to call you over (like the past couple of Zelda games have), only time (and more footage) will tell.

That’s all that Pokémon Sunday had to reveal this week. More news from CoroCoro Magazine states that they will be revealing how to get Zorua in the games (breeding possibly if you have to catch Zoroark) and they will be revealing a new Pokémon, which means we’ll probably be doing all of this all over again next month.

The Official Japanese Website has updated its site with the new pictures from CoroCoro, we’ll try to add them to our Pokémon Black and White gallery on the site soon. Also we’ve opened up a Black and White section on the forums, so if you want to talk about ANYTHING relating to the new games, head here and talk about it in either an appropriate topic or by starting a new one.

That’s all we have for now, we’ll bring you more news when we learn it!

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