Your Pokégear contains a phonebook which can be used to store the numbers of certain trainers you meet along the way. Most of these trainers will call you to offer rematches, but some characters have specific functions which are listed below. You can only store up to 10 numbers, so choose wisely!


Icon Name Location Notes
Mother New Bark Town Saves money after battles and buys items for your room.
Professor Elm New Bark Town Informs you of story events.
Cooltrainer Reena Route 26 -
Bird Keeper Jose Route 26 -
Cooltrainer Gavin Route 27 -
Cooltrainer Beth Route 27 -
Youngster Joey Route 30 His Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas.
Bug Catcher Wade Route 31 -
Picnicker Liz Route 32 -
Fisher Ralph Route 32 Tells you about Qwilfish swarms.
Hiker Anthony Route 33 Tells you about Dunsparce swarms.
Picnicker Gina Route 34 -
Camper Todd Route 34 -
Bill Goldenrod City Informs you when your box is full.
Juggler Irwin Route 35 -
Bug Catcher Arnie Route 35 Tells you about Yanma swarms.
Pokéfan Beverly National Park -
Schoolboy Jack National Park -
Schoolboy Alan Route 36 -
Lass Dana Route 38 -
Schoolboy Chad Route 38 Tells you about Snubbull swarms.
Pokéfan Derek Route 39 -
Sailor Huey Olivine City -
Fisher Chris Route 42 -
Fisher Wilton Route 44 Tells you about Remoraid swarms.
Bird Keeper Vance Route 44 -
Hiker Parry Route 45 Tells you about Marill swarms.
Blackbelt Kenji Route 45 -
Picnicker Erin Route 46 -