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Pokémon Musicals are a new feature in Pokémon Black/White that replace the contests of previous generations. They are a lot less involved than contests but do require some strategy and participating in them is required for completionists.

Why Participate In Pokémon Musicals?

Your participation in Pokémon Musicals is entirely optional to the story. You could go through the entire game without entering a musical; however they are a fun distraction and you need to obtain all 100 props to get a Star on your Trainer Card.

Pokémon Musical Categories

There are four categories you may enter. The category you choose is important as you will want to match your props to the category type to win. Check below for a list of all the props sorted by category.

Musical Name Category Audience
Stardom (Charming Munna) Cool Men
Forest Stroll Cute Girls
A Sweet Soirée Elegant Women
Exciting Nimbasa Quirky Boys


How To Win Pokémon Musicals

There is not as much strategy to Pokémon Musicals as contests but this can make it all the more frustrating as you need to win at least 5 and then 30 Musicals in order to obtain a prop. The following below is a general guideline of tips to use; it can seem almost random at times whether you win or not but just keep trying.

  • Match your props to the Musical category and pack on as many props as possible. Having a Pokémon with arms to hold two appeal props is practically mandatory.
  • The timing of your appeals has a huge influence on your score. The best time to appeal is when the spotlight focuses on the individual Pokémon and at the very end of the musical. Try to wait and steal the spotlight away from the CPU at the end here as if they go after you they will get the appeal and not you.
  • You will know an appeal went well when the spotlight was focused on your Pokémon throughout the entire appeal animation and the crowd claps for you at the end.
  • The Pokémon jumping highest into the air in the photo at the end of the musical at the end is the one that won the musical. It is possible for there to be more than one winner.

After the musical you get a chance to speak to your fans in the lobby. It is recommended that you do so as they will sometimes give you extra props. The higher you place, the more fans show and the better your chances of them giving you props is but you may still be given props even if you place last.

Prop List

The following is a list of all one hundred props sorted by category. Most props are simply given out by audience members in the lobby after a musical, but a few are found at specific places. The Crown and Winner’s Belt count overall wins, not consecutive wins thankfully.

  • Crown: Win 5 musicals.
  • Winner’s Belt: Win 30 musicals.
  • Tiara: Given by the theatre owner after competing in a multiplayer musical, either Wi-Fi or locally.
  • Toy Cake: Given by the theatre owner on the player’s birthday (registered on your Nintendo DS).
  • Electric Guitar: from Musician Preston on Route 5 after defeating him.
  • Big Bag, Fluffy Beard, Gift Box, Scarlet Hat: One given each day by a man in the western most house in Opelucid City.


Image Prop Category Primary placement Secondary placement
Ladle Cool Arm -
Chef’s Hat Cool Head -
Lantern Cool Arm -
Scarlet Cape Cool Body -
Toy Cutlass Cool Arm -
Toy Sword Cool Arm -
Pirate Hat Cool Head -
Cowboy Hat Cool Head Arm
Rigid Shield Cool Arm Body
Black Wings Cool Body Head
Umber Belt Cool Waist -
Horned Helm Cool Head -
Trident Cool Arm -
White Domino Mask Cool Face -
Wig Cool Head -
Standing Mike Cool Arm -
Microphone Cool Arm -
Football Cool Arm Head
Winner’s Belt Cool Waist -
Racket Cool Arm -
Electric Guitar Cool Arm -
Toy Fishing Rod Cool Arm -
Pink Barrette Cute Ear Body
Blue Barrette Cute Ear Body
Red Barrette Cute Ear Body
Big Barrette Cute Ear Head
Striped Barrette Cute Ear Body
Small Barrette Cute Ear Body
Blue Flower Cute Ear Body
Red Flower Cute Ear Body
Crimson Scarf Cute Body Waist
Headband Cute Head -
Decorative Ribbon Cute Head -
Purse Cute Arm -
Round Button Cute Waist Body
Red Parasol Cute Arm -
Colorful Parasol Cute Arm -
White Wings Cute Body Head
Tambourine Cute Arm -
Fedora Cute Head -
White Pom Pom Cute Arm Body
Candy Cute Arm Ear
Gift Box Cute Arm Head
Square Glasses Elegant Face Head
Necklace Elegant Body -
Gorgeous Flower Elegant Ear Body
Snow Crystal Elegant Ear Body
Lonely Flower Elegant Arm Head
Frilly Apron Elegant Waist Body
Dressy Tie Elegant Body Ear
Lace Cap Elegant Head -
Crown Elegant Head -
Black Tie Elegant Body -
Black Cape Elegant Body -
Gorgeous Specs Elegant Face Head
Top Hat Elegant Head Arm
White Cape Elegant Body -
Gentleman’s Hat Elegant Head Arm
Cane Elegant Arm -
Striped Tie Elegant Body -
Pocket Watch Elegant Arm Body
Bow Tie Elegant Body Ear
Tiara Elegant Head -
Rose Elegant Arm Head
Monocle Elegant Face -
Tie Elegant Body -
Trumpet Elegant Arm -
Laurel Wreath Elegant Head -
Bouquet Elegant Arm -
Fluffy Beard Elegant Face -
Green Barrette Quirky Ear Head
Straw Hat Quirky Head -
Paintbrush Quirky Arm -
Beret Quirky Head -
Whisk Quirky Arm -
Toy Cake Quirky Arm Head
Frying Pan Quirky Arm -
Bib Quirky Body Waist
Germ Mask Quirky Face -
Mallet Quirky Arm -
Wrench Quirky Arm -
Windup Key Quirky Head -
Helmet Quirky Head -
Witchy Hat Quirky Head -
Magic Wand Quirky Arm -
Red Nose Quirky Face -
Jester’s Cap Quirky Head -
Googly Specs Quirky Face Head
Maraca Quirky Arm -
Pennant Quirky Arm Head
Smiley Face Mask Quirky Face Arm
Fake Bellybutton Quirky Waist -
Professor Hat Quirky Head -
Hula Skirt Quirky Waist Body
Thick Book Quirky Arm -
Fake Bone Quirky Arm -
Round Mushroom Quirky Arm Head
Shuriken Quirky Arm Ear
Scarlet Hat Quirky Head -
Big Bag Quirky Arm -


  • Kyona

    How do you get more fans to show up after a musical? I’ve already received the medal for winning over 30 musicals, but I can’t get the medal for having 10 fans show up after a musical. I’m currently at 8 fans. I win every single time with my Lucario. My fan number just wont increase. It’s so frustrating! ):

  • Meow

    Have you ever received the following comment after playing the stage? “In this musical, it’s not an overstatement to say that ‘s Pokémon was the lead role.”

    I wonder if 10 fans represents a score of 100 while 8 fans represents a score from 80~89.

  • Yuu

    Can you get the same prop twice? Beacause I want two white pompoms.