Diary of a Pokémaniac 2

So four years ago (at least i think it was 4 years ago) Diamond and Pearl was released in Japan. As a recently made Admin on the site, I imported a copy of Diamond and tried to cover my playthrough of the game in a narative format called Diary of a Pokémaniac. Anybody who remembers it will remeber that i didnt keep it up for long, stoping just after the 1st gym (although i did play the game further).

Anyway, with the release of Black and White, I once again find myself Importing a copy of Pokémon White and I feel I should cover my playthrough once again. This time i’m dropping the narative format and just doing bulletpoint highlights of what’s happening to me as I play the game.

You can find my little journal Here On The Forums and I’ll be trying to update it every day I play the game, while I play the game. That said, I am taking bets on how long I’ll keep it up, both the journal and playing the game…

So far, I’ve got to the town with the 1st Gym in it… to see what i did between the start of the game and where I saved, click the above link and read away – Comments and Questions are always welcome!