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Lv. 6
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Pidgey Pidgey V Female Lvl 17
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,629 days
Held item: None
Gyarados Super Special Celebration Fun Time the Gyarados V Shiny! Female Lvl 20
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,471 days
Held item: None
Butterfree Caught Pokémon Butterfree V Female Lvl 17
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,629 days
Held item: None
Golett Golett V Female Lvl 17
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,449 days
Held item: None
Moltres Moltres V Lvl 15
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,428 days
Held item: None
Vullaby Vullaby V Male Lvl 14
Nature: Neutral
Age: 2,434 days
Held item: None

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rokkushun's Basic Ranch - Lv. 3


Quest Name Description Started Finished Status
Sigilpyh DetectiveTrack down all the missing Sigilyph.2:04am 07/11/12In progress
Keystone MysteryFind out the purpose of the Odd Keystone.2:05am 07/11/12In progress
Way of the FlowerBring Mei-Hua a male Sunflora.2:07am 07/11/12Not started
What's A Shiny?Show Blue a shiny Pokémon.2:08am 07/11/12Not started
Save The AviaryCompletely fill the aviary.1:58am 30/11/12Not started
Luvdisc Is In The AirBreed a very specific Luvdisc for the Gamecorner owner.11:36am 07/12/12Not started
Rowan's RequestHelp Professor Rowan come up with the perfect gift for Professor Oak!12:37am 01/01/13In progress
Mystery of MamoswineShow Professor Elm a Mamoswine in your Pokédex that you have recorded as at least seen.12:42am 01/01/13Not started
Delibird's DittyHelp Delibird record a Pokéflute song as a gift!2:44am 07/01/13Not started

Distortion DisasterGo after one of the Distortion World Pokémon.7:34pm 07/12/127:34pm 07/12/12Completed
Distorted RealityInvestigate the Distortion World.7:26pm 07/12/127:34pm 07/12/12Completed
Scroll of WaterObtain the water scroll.7:19pm 07/12/127:25pm 07/12/12Completed
Scroll of GrassObtain the grass scroll.1:56am 30/11/127:19pm 07/12/12Completed
Scroll of FireObtain the fire scroll.1:39am 30/11/121:56am 30/11/12Completed
Courier IIPick up a letter from Roark on Sevii Isle One to deliver to the Pokémon Gym.1:39am 30/11/121:39am 30/11/12Completed
CourierDeliver Professor Oak's parcel to the Pokémon Gym.2:08am 07/11/121:39am 30/11/12Completed
Bobyosi's Berry OrderPick up a berry order from the Berry Master and deliver it to Bobyosi on King's Rock.2:07am 07/11/122:07am 07/11/12Completed
Briney's WingullHelp find Mr Briney's missing Wingull, Peeko.2:06am 07/11/122:07am 07/11/12Completed
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